Guided Meditations

Note: The material below is the property of my holistic doctor, Norm Shealy, who I’ve known personally since 1979 when he assisted me with my severe spinal disability. I first posted some of it on my website for a dear friend who ended up in a hospital in Cuenca, Ecuador with a life-threatening case of Covid and he swears it made the difference. If you find this material to be useful, please go to Dr. Shealy’s website and either purchase your favorite individual MP3s or better yet, subscribe to his entire library. I only share this with people I’m introducing to his work so please don’t pass this link along. Good luck and enjoy! */:-)

Quick Start Check List:

  1. You may listen to the Video Above or Download the MP3 and put on any device of choice.
  2. Place your Phone or Computer on “Silent” or “Do Not Disturb” so NO notifications interrupt your session.
  3. Make sure to use Headphones or Earbuds because you are utilizing brainwave technology that works best with 2 speakers.
  4. Comfortable position – seated or lying down – yoga mat, bed, sitting in a comfortable chair etc. 
  5. Dim your lighting – no harsh lighting
  6. Quiet Space
  7. Make Sure You Are comfortable and Enjoy The Brain Training & Relaxation.

This exercise provides a two-prong approach…

  1. We use our audio technology to direct your brain to the desired state of consciousness. You will experience a state of deep relaxation, but your mind will be aware and alert.
  2. You will hear affirmations that will reinforce your intention to gain new perspectives and insights while helping you to be directed more positively to your outer world. This is actively retraining your brain, central & autonomic nervous system.

How to use this exercise:

  1. The audio is playable above. You may stream it directly from your computer or cell phone by logging in to our course area on your phone.
  2. If you are listening on a Phone or Computer – make sure you are using comfortable head phones or ear buds.
  3. Do not forget to set your notifications on your phone or computer to “Do Not Disturb.” 
  4. The combination of frequencies help you deeply relax and then at the conclusion of the exercise, you will be guided comfortably to a waking state of awareness.

How does it work?

The lowest frequency that you can hear is about 20Hz, yet some of the most powerful brainwave frequencies that you can experience are often much lower than this threshold. By listening to the brainwave entrainment embedded into the music, you train your ears into hearing these otherwise inaccessible frequencies, feeding your brain. As you listen to brainwave entrainment frequencies, your brain follows the sound patterns and creates the corresponding brainwave frequencies in a natural process called “entrainment.” Once your brain entrains to the binaural beat frequency, you are enhancing your own natural abilities by directly influencing the behavior of your mind, body and spirit.

What are the Benefits?

When combined, these brainwave entrainment techniques can powerfully alter your mood, behavior and your ability to focus and concentrate in a positive / optimized manner. As you listen to the brainwave entrainment techniques found in our music, your brain will follow the sound patterns and then recreate the desired brainwaves in a process called the “frequency following response.” This is proven by over 34,000 successful cases we have personally been involved with and numerous studies published for over 50+ years.

You will be actively training your brain while relaxing & enjoying!

Sit Back, Relax & Enjoy The Process!

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