Cosmic Gardening

What are crop circles and how are they formed? Are they a hoax perpetuated by humans? If they are real, what do they mean?

Crop circles are geometric patterns that suddenly appear in farmers’ fields during the night around the world. While farmers in Britain recollect simple circles appearing in their fields for generations, the British media first reported on the circles in the early 1980s. In the 1990s, crop circles changed from simple circular patterns into huge and complex, geometric formations. Viewing crop circles has become a serious hobby in Britain and the season begins in April as the crops begin to grow. It lasts until late August when the crops are harvested.

A coworker of mine in the UK asked me if I believed crop circles to be real. I replied that I certainly do want them to be real! What a wonderful phenomenon to offset our frantic, technological-based way of life. I marvel at the brilliance of these agricultural glyphs in how they profoundly speak to all of us in a way that each of us can understand whether we be a child, adult, farmer, scientist, etc. These objects contain messages that are conveyed using art, physics, chemistry, geometry and symbolism.

I’ve watched a couple of videos on the subject and I love how the deeper the scientists dig, the greater the mystery becomes as they find layer upon layer of evidence of something transformative taking place within the plants. When people are confronted with this issue, the theories fly fast and furious, covering everything from scientific to spiritual to absolute denial.

Having already accepted crop circles as genuine artifacts, I grabbed a couple of books off our shelves here at home to get an off-world perspective. I figure the humans have had their say so let’s see what some extra-terrestrials, another delightful subject I love to ponder, have to say about this Earthly phenomenon:

  • Crop circles are created using sound and many of them are designed and constructed by what some call Ascended Masters. Others are attributed to the Pleiadians. The crop circles in Britain are synchronistically aligned to the sacred sites of Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill which are places of celestial attunement.
  • Crop circles are used to change our sense of reality in a playful, non-threatening way and to get us feeling rather than thinking. People could get quite upset if UFOs landed tomorrow but when geometric forms appear in farm fields all over the world, no one really worries too much about it. The goal behind crop circles is to accomplish change without overloading our circuits.
  • The geometric shapes are carriers of intelligence and are like energy gates. They are all connected to one another and are being used to form an intelligent gridwork with a frequency that humanity can use to evolve.
  • Yes, some crop circles are created by humans. The plants in a hoax circle will be bent and/or broken as they are folded over to form the design. The plants in a true circle actually “grow” at a 90 degree angle to form the geometric shape!

Read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Crop Circle Connector website, based in the UK. They cover just about every angle on this subject.

Pictures of state-of-the-art crop circles on the CCC website


  • “Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” by Barbara Marciniak.
  • “Bringers of the Dawn: Teachings from the Pleiadians” by Barbara Marciniak.
  • The Crop Circle Connector website

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