A Hypnotic State

“I’m not sure I can be hypnotized.” Inga and I hear that a lot and that intrigues us because as we’ve explored the astral and spirit realms, we’ve come to think of the reality of the conscious, logical mind as the “trance” or hypnotic state. Why?

  • What else would you call a state of mind filled with limitations caused by fear?
  • Why else would we believe that the extent of our world is contained within what our waking mind can grasp?
  • How else can we be lulled into thinking that we are solitary beings that have to exert ourselves to reach out to others, to find common ground, to achieve the simplest of alignments?

Even if we are generally happy and content in life, I believe we are living off mere scraps of what is truly possible to experience. And again, our waking mind convinces us that it is a banquet and that there is no need to look further. We feel secure, our needs our being met, we read a self-help book now and then and we think positively. Life is good. (I smell a conspiracy!)

The Garden

If all this is indeed the case, then I think the real meaning behind the opening statement above is, “I’m not sure I can break out of the trance state into the Light.” But Inga has shown those of us who have worked with her, we can easily break the trance of our reductionist, logical minds and enter a magical and mysterious state of existence. In that state of expanded consciousness, I’ve discovered that I am never alone and I’m always connected to everyone and everything around us, just the opposite of what I’ve experienced in “normal” consciousness. I’ve always suspected this was true and yearned for it. I could achieve it momentarily or for short periods of time but I did not know how to sustain it. What I’ve learned, though, is that just like exercising our physical muscles and increasing their strength, my frequent consciousness stretching exercises have enabled me to maintain that feeling of connectedness during normal consciousness. This in turn elevates my sense of wholeness and peace while opening up synchronistic doorways of creativity, Light and Love. As a result, my life has become more balanced and powerful as I learn to be fully present in the moment and create a sphere of clarity in the midst of the hypnotic state. As I maintain the integrity of that sphere, I am transformed, as is the world and those around me, by Love.

A friend and coworker of mine is just starting her journey of exploring expanded consciousness and her first guided session with Inga was rich with colorful images, feelings, sounds, thoughts and conversations even though my friend was not fully conscious of it all during the session. This is why Inga always encourages us to journal our sessions as it enables more of the experience to come forth in other ways. It never occurs to me do to anything but write about my journeys so I was really amazed when my friend shared how she journaled.

I have always struggled with seeing images as I astral travel and Inga says that’s because my conscious mind is filtering anything that it can’t control or explain. When I journal later, I describe all kinds of vivid images using words. My friend

The Trail

reported difficulty seeing as she explored the astral realm but afterward she was able to draw these colorful scenes.

The first drawing is the garden she found as she went through an archway that Inga led her to. Click on the image to expand it to full size and you’ll see the notes I asked her to include.

The next image is that of a forest. Again, click it to see it full size and read her notes about this place.

And the last image was the one that really set off an alarm in my head as I held it in my hands and looked at it. I asked her, “What’s up with this place?” She described it as a very scary, emotional place that she didn’t want to be in unlike the two previous places of well-being. I suggested that when she was ready, she’d return there to heal that place, to bring Love and Light where it was lacking. Click on it to see the full image and read her notes.

Inga explains that my friend’s subconscious and her guides are taking full advantage of using this open, creative channel to communicate to her conscious mind. These images are very powerful for her and even for those of us that she shared them with just as my words are powerful for me and can be for those that I share them with. (Sounds like we’re all deeply connected, doesn’t it?)

The Old White Building

As we journey deep into our inner worlds and heal the wounds we find there, we step by step become whole as our body, mind and spirit come into alignment. Another friend at work was asking me the other day what is going to happen as she achieves this alignment in the physical realm. I suggested that this might be the first time that she’s ever so pro-actively and consciously achieved this state of existence during a physical lifetime. I also surmised that so much energy is put forth by so many in the physical and spiritual realms to just get us to this enlightened state that very few of us have spent any time imagining what might be possible once we achieve it.

What will happen as more and more of us emerge from the hypnotic state and achieve a critical mass of consciousness? I suspect that the storms of fear and pain that sweep the planet will abate as the bright light of Love breaks through the hypnotic mortal trance. */:-)

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