I’m An Earthling

I’ve been thinking about what benefit I gain from interacting with Elementals. As an adult, if this interaction doesn’t result in some sort of transformation, then it’s nothing more than just a creative exercise for my imagination and intuition. That certainly is beneficial for me but that Virgo sun sign of mine demands that I learn, explore and build holistic systems that yield sustainable, transformative outcomes. As the Summer Solstice came, I wondered what significance it really holds for us and then it hit me — who really cares about the solstice unless their worldview is expansive enough to include it?

After September 11, 2001, it seems that, more than ever, people are reaffirming their identity by labeling themselves as this or that and it all seems to be geared to differentiate oneself from others who are different vs. building alignment. I sense that it is an attempt to gain a sense of security and to determine our place in the world. Here are some examples:

  • American vs. any other culture than we don’t understand or fear
  • Men vs. Women
  • Owning and riding one brand of motorcycle over another
  • Gay or lesbian vs. hetrosexual
  • One religious group vs. another
  • Democrat vs. Republican vs. Libertarian vs. non-participant
  • Human vs. all other life forms on Earth

Ok, my point is this — I’ve tried all the above identity exercises and it doesn’t bring me any clearer sense of who I am or why I am here. End of story. What has provided clarity is my interaction with Elementals and my study of Shamanism which, in turn, has transformed my worldview. And as my worldview has expanded, I have become aware of and involved in observing the passing of the Summer Solstice. While I am a white, male Scottish American heterosexual who votes Democratic and rides Honda motorcycles, what makes all that insignificant is that I’m an Earthling.

Earth is my Mother, Spirit is my Father and this small planet in space is my home. One way or another, every life form on it is a fellow Earthling and either a neighbor or family or a friend I haven’t met yet. We all chose to be here at this time and we are all connected by Infinite Mind and united by Love. I find brothers and sisters all around me in animals and plants, in the water and the air. I find old friends from previous lifetimes in humans that I just met. I recognize spiritual family members in those I work with. I feel and see the Divine Spark in everyone and everything that I encounter. Do you feel it? Are you an Earthling yet? */:-)

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