Rockies Tour 2002 – Day 2: Riding the Wild Horse Trail

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Tuesday, July 16

  • Sandpoint, ID to Glacier National Park, MT
  • 226 miles

We head north on Hwy 2 toward the Canadian border and thanks to some roadside signs, we learn that this area is rich with history. It’s known as the Wild Horse Trail. The valley we are riding through has been traveled by glaciers, explorers, miners and now us. Back in 1864, thousands of eager gold miners came through this valley on their way to Wild Horse, BC. They came in wagons, on horseback and some even rode camels. We prefer our iron ponies and convenience stores filled with cold beer, thank you very much.

We stop for gas in the little town of Troy, Montana and realize we are across the street from the Troy High School. We spot their football team name on a big pole, topped with a statue of a Trojan warrior. We can’t help but wonder if the visiting teams, ignoring the warrior symbol, taunt the Troy students about being named after condoms.

As we get nearer to the town of West Glacier, we find a wonderful roadside spot to stop and take a break. Montana is a truly huge place filled with places like this and very few people. That’s probably why we end up riding out to Montana every year.

We finally arrive in West Glacier and we procure refreshments for the evening ahead in camp. Once again, the beer order is for Anheuser Busch products. 

We pass through the Glacier National Park west gate, check in with a ranger and head for our campsite. We’ve made it! Tomorrow, we ride the famous Going-to-the-Sun Road and we talk about nothing else around the campfire that night. 

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