Canyons Ride 2003 – Day 7: Back on the Slab

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Thursday, May 29

  • Scipio, UT to Ontario, OR
  • 533 miles

The slab may be boring but the rest stops can yield some excitement. Upon seeing the cute little dog in the parked car next to us, we step closer only to be barked at, by not one rabid Pomeranian, but six! These little suckers act like they want to rip our testicles off. That is, until the little old lady comes back to the car and they all instantly shut up and act like cute little lap dogs. 

With this much slab to cover, you start noticing the strangest things as you visit little Idaho towns for gas and water. Granted, we probably equally entertain, or spook, the local residents as well. It is so hot that we end up standing in the lawn sprinklers at one gas station to cool off.

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