Why Is There A Duck In The Backyard?

Our backyard visitor

We awoke one morning recently to find a strange visitor in our backyard. This duck lingered for several hours before departing. We had no suitable food to offer but we did fill up Freya’s kiddie pool in case it felt like going for a swim. It didn’t. It just waddled around the backyard, quacking softly, while watching our house. A messenger? A traveler looking for a safe place to rest? Who knows but we felt blessed to have such a visitor in our yard.

Meanwhile, Freya had to undergo surgery as we came to realize that she was not, after all, spayed. She was in heat for a month and this made our nightly walks really interesting as every male dog in the neighborhood, regardless of size, became very excited to meet her. Freya was equally enthusiastic as she behaved like a fourteen year old girl at the local mall looking to meet boys. So we got lots of practice on our leash and verbal command skills while managing to avoid any close encounters, so to speak.


In other news, I spent another week on the road in late August. A dear friend and I rode our motorcycles to Colorado to meet up with my brother, Paul, and friends who rode up from Tucson. We visited some remarkable and beautiful places and traveled through many historical towns. I used the hours in the saddle to practice my motorcycle yoga and to expand the insights I gained from my trip last May. I hope to be able to share those insights with you in our next newsletter. */:-)

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