Colorado Cruise 2003 – Day 6: The Middle of Nowhere

(click map to enlarge)


  • Breckenridge, CO to Ogden, UT (Scott)
  • 530 miles

It’s time to head for home. Pablo and Pork Chop decide to visit the Harley dealership in Glenwood Springs and so I accompany them before heading Northwest for home. We kick some tires and then off I go heading West on I-70. The descent into Grand Junction through a canyon is excellent riding for an Interstate. I turn off I-70 at Loma and head North for some exploring. A two lane ribbon of blacktop stretches across the barren landscape like a huge compass needle pointing precisely North. No cars, no homes, no trees, nothing. The only thing out here is a natural gas pipeline. I open up the Wing and for a brief while, we’re flying along at a buck twenty. The Wing is eerily smooth and stable at this speed. The big flat six just purrs.

Dinosaur National Monument

I drop out of hyperspace as we climb up to Douglas Pass. On the other side, we descend to Highway 40 and take a side trip to look at the Dinosaur National Monument. I arrive at the back entrance where there is a modest visitors’ center and little else. I ride into the monument and there’s nothing out here but a few deer bounding through the sagebrush. I have many miles to go today so I return to the highway and continue East.

As I cross into Utah, I’m busy gazing at the stunning mountain range in the Monument instead of watching my speed and I’m easy prey for a Utah highway patrolman. Once the ticket business is out of the way, the formality is instantly replaced by genuine interest in my Wing and I answer many questions about its features and capabilities. It’s a shame police aren’t allowed to give warnings anymore due to revenue needs. A simple warning would have sufficed and we could have spent more time talking about more important things like bikes.

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