What A Year It Has Been

Well, what a year it has been, eh? It certainly has been rich with challenges and blessings for me. I’ve been through so much this year that I had to sit down and chart it out to reflect properly on it all. Here’s a summary of what I came up with:

Challenges Blessings
Coping with a very formidable Capricorn boss at work under very stressful business conditions Healing my codependency by truly understanding that I’m not responsible for the moods and problems of others. Instead, I focus on my own issues while setting and maintaining an effective boundary that holds the energy of others at arms’ length thus giving me a chance to decide on what to let in and what to block. In this mode, I can be more effective in helping others while conserving my strength for issues that I really want to heal.
Being forced to layoff more of my friends and associates at work Recognizing that each of us is on our own unique journey and I’m only truly responsible for mine. Instead of worrying about people I care about, I use my energy constructively to support them in discovering their own blessings.
Having my office at work turn into a mold farm due to wet carpeting thus putting me into allergy hell Learning from my allergist that my battles with depression were being caused by my mold allergies vs. me losing my mind due to all the stress at work.
Not being able to get motivated to walk each day and burn enough calories The adoption of Freya brought a loving, eager playfulness into our home. With her, we walk every night without fail and have fun. It is no longer a chore.
Being laid off myself at work a few days before Christmas 2003 Letting go and trusting the Universe to place me where it needs me most along with providing for our household.
Watching the Bush Administration a) systematically attacking our American Constitution; b) warmongering; c) methodically selling out the environment and just about everything else to their big business buddies and d) and perpetuating a culture of fear to justify it all. This particular issue has been very upsetting due to my feeling powerless to do much of anything about it except worry. I’ve since channeled that energy into more constructive forms: discussing with friends what’s truly at stake, putting the issues into historical perspective, brainstorming on what we can do that will be effective, helping to expand people’s worldviews, dispelling fear and anxiety, etc. Clearly, there is much work to be done.
Having to work in a very intense environment of fear, uncertainty and doubt for two years. Learning how to effectively create a sphere of Light within the darkness from which I can operate independently from such negative emotions.
Letting myself become physically and emotionally drained by the stressful environment at work This year, it took two week long motorcycle rides to unwind and to experience spiritual breakthroughs. I practiced letting go of unproductive energies, clearing attachments and keeping myself clean, staying in the moment, and listening to my intuition and guides. This year, I really feel like my spirituality has become truly functional. For the first time in my life, I can directly, and immediately, control my emotional state so depression no longer rules me.

I see a lot of subjects in the table above that I can expand upon in upcoming issues. Drop me a line if anything in particular catches your eye and I’ll tackle that issue sooner vs. later. Thanks to all my friends and family, corporeal and non-corporeal, human and non-human, for the love and the friendship we’ve shared in 2003. May 2004 be rich in blessings for all of us!  */:-)

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