California Cruise 2004

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Trip Journal

  • States we rode through: Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona
  • 2,685 miles in 8 days (Scott’s route)


  • Rendezvous with family & friends from Seattle, Tucson & Los Angeles at Crater Lake National Park in southern Oregon
  • Ride on superb roads
  • Visit spectacular national parks
  • Get Scott to Yosemite so he can “earn” the pin Joe gave him in 2003. (Little did we know how tough that would be!)
  • Drink beer & smoke cigars each night around the campfire

Major Destinations:

Daily Activities:

  • Day 3 – Redwoods
    • Monday, June 21
    • Crater Lake National Park, OR to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, CA
    • 233 miles
  • Day 7 – Heading for home from Groveland, CA
    • Friday, June 25
    • Scott: Eugene, OR; 652 miles
    • Pablo & Pork Chop: Blythe, AZ; 620 miles
    • Eric: Los Angeles, CA; 380 miles
    • Trev: Crescent City, CA; 500 miles
  • Day 8 – Superslab!
    • Saturday, June 26
    • Scott: Eugene, OR to Seattle, WA; 290 miles
    • Trev: Crescent City, CA to Seattle, WA; 500 miles
    • Paul & Jeff: Blythe, AZ to Tucson, AZ; 300 miles


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Riders and Bikes

  • Jeff “Pork Chop” Adams
  • Trevor “Uncle Bob” Trifiro
  • Paul “Pablo” Espensen
  • Eric “Dr. Evil” Espensen
  • Joe “Gimli” Betor
  • Scott “Sasquatch” Duncan

Memorable Quotes:

“It’s great to be alive, isn’t it? — Pablo upon seeing the Yosemite Valley from Glacier Vista

Hey! I’m on holiday and I don’t want to hear the “A” word. So, no, you may not have my English muffin. Ok? — Scott, referring to the Atkins plan at breakfast

“Let’s just say that the driver and I made some serious eye contact.” – Pablo

“Any chance of me getting some action tonight? What? Don’t worry. I’ll wake you up when I get home.” — Dow on the phone to his wife.

“And by the way, honey, I’m having 6 dudes over tomorrow night for a BBQ. Ok?” – Dow

“And you guys wonder why Inga doesn’t come along on these trips???” — Scott, after hearing the umpteenth fart joke around the campfire

“I went into that restroom and walked right into a giant wall of stink.” — Pork Chop

“Giant wall of stink….hey, wouldn’t that be a great name for a Seattle grunge band? — Scott

“You guys must be so cold riding up here around all this snow. I don’t know how you do it.” — Woman at Crater Lake

“Nah! We cheat! We’re all wearing electric vests. And here you thought we were tough biker dudes, didn’t you?” — Scott


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