Fame And Reputation

We’ve been doing some long overdue remodeling in the house. We hired Kevin, a good friend and superb contractor, to rip out the upstairs bathroom. As it needed a complete overhaul, Kevin gutted the room right down to the studs. Inga and I spent quite a bit of time working on the design of the new bathroom in order to get the most out of the space while employing Feng Shui principals to get the energy right. Prior to the remodel, the room has always had a muddled, confused feel and once it was gutted, the bare room with its studs exposed, immediately achieved a noticeable peacefulness. Then, as the new room took shape, the energy shifted, step by step. Once finished, it retained its new found peacefulness while gaining a whole new character. This room falls squarely in our “fame and reputation” section as defined by Feng Shui and as you may have read in an earlier newsletter, minor changes to this room have produced substantial results in this area. With this complete overhaul, we’re wondering how this change will manifest itself. We’ll keep you posted.

One neat surprise during the project was finding a crumpled newspaper page inside one of the walls. We gingerly flattened it out to find a January 27, 1948 issue of the Seattle Post Intelligencer. What was really wild was the ad for a minstrel show being held in the Eagles Auditorium at 7th and Union, right across the street where I now work in downtown Seattle. I went to work the next day and realized that the building is still standing and unchanged since 1948.

You may also enjoy reading an exchange of emails between Tom, my Honda motorcycle dealer, and me, after I opted to spend my annual bonus on the bathroom project vs. buying another motorcycle from him. Click here to read it. */:-)

One thought on “Fame And Reputation

  1. Scott

    I just looked up what Truman was vetoing in 1948 and it turns out that he used the veto a lot and was quite proud of the fact. He saw it as his job to fend off those pesky Republicans!


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