Alaska Adventure 2005 – Denali National Park

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Day 10

  • Friday, July 1
  • Denali National Park, AK

We all get in a good, solid, eight hours of sleep and awake refreshed and rested. Our day off is well deserved. We have no miles to cover and no camp to break. The sun is shining. I have an espresso and a muffin for breakfast, followed by a shower, and I’m feeling very peaceful.

I stroll around the campground and I’m really taken aback by all the massive motorhomes with pop-out rooms, generators and satellite dishes where they appear to spend all their time which considering where we are is really crazy to my way of thinking. But as my Mother used to say, “To each his own said the lady as she kissed the cow.”

We head over to the main visitor’s complex and learn that glaciers cover one million acres, or one-sixth of Denali National Park and that 80% of visitors don’t see Denali due to weather. We decide to ride closer to the mountain in the hope that we’ll get a glimpse ourselves but all we get is cranked on by a rainstorm. It’s just as well. We wouldn’t want a dry day to goof up our perfect record of rain every day since we left the ferry.

We do get to see a momma moose and her baby calmly eating grass on the side of the road in camp and we get some good photos of them.

Click here to see if you can catch the mountain out and about.

Click here to read of my magical midnight hike down to the river that I posted on Inga’s blog.

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