Alaska Adventure 2005 – Riders on the Storm

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Day 8

  • Wednesday, June 29
  • Glennallen, AK to Seward, AK
  • 305 miles

Well, there’s just no doubt about it. Everything up here is big: the state, the mountains, the glaciers and the breakfasts. Seeing mighty glaciers that stretch from the tops of mountains as massive rivers of ice down through huge valleys right up to the edge of the highway we are riding on is simply mind blowing. It’s hard to make any progress as we keep stopping for photo shoots.

We eventually do roll into the bustling metropolis of Anchorage. After the desolation we’ve ridden through, it’s like getting dropped into an intense video game with cars, traffic lights and signs everywhere. I’m in the lead and I ignore the sensory overload by focusing on the GPS to get us through and on toward the Kenai Peninsula. We break out and follow the shoreline of Turnagain Arm, a long fjord, and get our first glimpse at the Peninsula across the water. Its mountains are shrouded in mist and mystery. We think we’re going to finally do some good mountain riding but once again, the road stays down in the broad valleys and deprives us of some serious twisty tooling.

At some point out in the Kenai wilderness, Trev mentions that he’s just about out of gas as he misjudged the distance way back in Anchorage. I check my GPS and it shows the nearest gas pump in Seward, some 17 miles ahead. Trev looks concerned so we take it easy, coasting down hills, and Trev rolls into town on fumes.

We arrive at Miller’s Landing on the shore of Resurrection Bay and we’re delighted with the beautiful setting. We camp amongst the giant coastal trees and enjoy a very quiet, peaceful evening.

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