Alaska Adventure 2005


Trip Journal



  • Day 3 – 6: The Love Boat
    • Friday, June 24 to Monday, June 27
    • Bellingham, WA to Haines, AK
    • 916 miles (Paul, Scott, Jeff & Trev)



Riders & Bikes

  • Jeff “Twink” Adams
  • Trevor “Road Dog” Trifiro
  • Paul “Pablo” Espensen
  • Eric “Dr. Evil” Espensen
  • Scott the Bruce Duncan

Memorable Quotes:

  • Overhead on the Alaska ferry as the Inside Passage water turned milky due to glacier melt: “Look at all the sedative in the water!”. Her companion, without skipping a beat or cracking a smile, replies, “Yeah, if you fall in and swallow some you get really sleepy and drown.”
  • As we were assessing the beer supplies on board the ferry: “There are only two kinds of beer in this world, Budweiser and root beer.” — Jeff Adams
  • “I ain’t no clown!” — Wally
  • “Don’t Juneau?” — Anonymous
  • “Dude! So where’s the Ketchikan Thunderfuck?” — “Patch”, a ferry passenger from New Jersey on the streets of Ketchikan
  • “Oh dear!” – Scott
  • “I have never been lost but I will admit to having been confused for several weeks at a time.” — Daniel Boone (Quote seen in the Visitors Center at Denali National Park)
  • “I’m feeling a little gassy today.” — Pablo, after the umpteenth fart that morning
  • “If we listen to the land, we will know what to do.” — Terry Tempest Williams, naturalist & writer (Quote seen in the Visitors Center at Denali National Park)
  • “I moved here for the Kokanee.” — Anonymous
  • Overhead in the cocktail lounge aboard the Alaska ferry: “Julane, can I have another pitcher of beer?” “Ah, I think you need to go eat something first.”
  • “We come down here to smoke, drink and watch NASCAR.” — George, resident of Aklavik, NW Territory, Canada
  • “You’ll never see a skinny Eskimo.” — George, husband of an American Inuit
  • Overhead in the motel parking lot in Destruction Bay: “But I’m the Pork Chop! Check this out!” says Jeff as he rolls up his sleeve to display his “Pork Chop” tattoo.
  • “Why do Eskimos not like aspirin? Because they are white and they work.” — May, an American Inuit
  • “What was I talking about?” — Scott
  • “Whatever we have done with our lives makes us what we are when we die, and everything, absolutely everything, counts. — Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying
  • “Dude! You’ve got a serious traffic problem around here!” — Paul after experiencing Seattle’s rush hour traffic first hand
  • “You bought another tent?” — Everyone upon hearing of Scott’s latest purchase
  • “This is cool. You come to Alaska and travel from storm to storm.” — Jeff
  • “Oh! Scott made a funny!” — Paul
  • “There is much to offer those who understand the language of the great silent places. Here will be found an indescribable calm. A place just to loaf, healing to the sick mind and body, beyond the reach of present day mental and nervous and moral strain.” — Harry Karstens, first superintendent of the Denali National Park (Quote seen in the Denali Visitors Center)
  • Advice received while replacing a fuse on the ST1300: “And while you are at it, take out that fuse for the ABS. You don’t need that crap.” — Pablo
  • “So discipline is to do what is appropriate or just; that is, in an excessively complicated age, to simplify our lives.” — Sogyal Rinpoche, The Tibetan Book of Living & Dying
  • “Why is your upper lip quivering? Are you not being completely honest with me?” — Female Canadian border crossing guard grilling Pork Chop


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