What’s a Bunky or a Surf Scoter for that matter?

What’s a “Bunky”?

Beats the hell out of us! This is what the first owner of this boat named it. There is something very cute and pet-like about this boat that calls out for such a playful name. We do realize there is a lot of superstition about renaming a boat but to us, the boat feels like it has outgrown its childhood name and is yearning for a new identity. So a more appropriate name is in the works.

What’s a “Surf Scoter”?

Sam Devlin’s “Surf Scoter” is named after a duck of the same name known for its propensity to dive for mollusks and crustaceans in ocean surf and breaking waves. They are commonly seen on the Pacific Coast in winter, where they sometimes feed quite close to rocky headlands and in shallow inlets. All in all, great attributes for boat designed to explore the inlets of Puget Sound. We’ve been through a variety of rough water during the 2005 / 2006 Winter and nothing seems to really trouble it. Bunky just bobs along like a bathtub toy on big swells and cuts through chop with aplomb. — Scott Bruce Duncan */:-)

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