Colorado Cruise 2006 – Day 6: Day Rides

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Tuesday, July 4

  • Riders:
    • Paul & Grady:
      • Dual sporting day ride to the top of Mt. Baldy & over Boreas Pass to Como & Fairplay & back to Breckenridge via Hoosier Pass
      • 53 miles
    • Eric & Trev:
      • Day ride: Breckenridge, CO to Hoosier Pass to Fairplay, CO & back
      • 64 miles
  • Highlights:

I’m taking the day off to give my back a rest and to spend time with my Aunt and Uncle while partaking in the Fourth of July festivities in town. Meanwhile, Paul and Grady are itching to do some dual sporting. This activity inspires Trev to go riding as well and but then his spirits are dampened by the thought of his carbureted CB1000 suffering horribly due to the scarcity of oxygen at this elevation. I suggest that, as he is contemplating buying a Yamaha FJR1300, he take my fuel injected ST1300, invite Eric to come along on his FJR1300, and do some bike swapping. Deal!

So Paul and Grady ditch all their luggage and head up to the top of Mt. Baldy, a 12,630 foot peak right behind our Aunt and Uncle’s home. After that, they ride gravel roads over Boreas Pass and finally reach pavement again in the town of Como. From there, they ride to Fairplay and meet up with Eric and Trev who have arrived via paved, 11,541 foot Hoosier Pass, which is situated in the shadow of two fourteener peaks, Mt. Lincoln and Mt. Bross. This pass is part of the Continental Divide, which separates the flow of water to the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean.

Paul and Grady report a very successful dual sport outing while Trev and Eric report on their sport touring shootout. The consensus is that the ST1300 is a sporty touring bike while the FJR is a touring sport bike. Trev, being a true inline 4 enthusiast, gives the FJR two thumbs up as the bike for him.

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