The Elementals

The only problem with all this astral travel stuff I’ve been doing is that it makes me realize how totally inadequate my worldview is. At the same time and maybe for the first time in my life, I’m overcoming my Protestant upbringing and realizing that I don’t have to feel guilty about it. After all, my white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant culture has done absolutely nothing to prepare me for the multi-dimensional existence that is unfolding inside me. Since I’m not wasting time on the guilt thing, I can get right down to the task of how to upgrade my worldview and integrate it into my daily life.

So when did I first realize that my paradigms were being trashed? I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was opening night of “Star Wars: The Phantom Menace”. At the time, Inga and I were deep into learning more about the Elementals and remembering Inga’s shamanic skills from a previous lifetime. (Shamanism is the practice of spiritually communicating with Mother Earth, the Elementals and all other life forms on the planet.) So up on the big screen, we hear Qui-Gon Jinn explaining to young Anakin Skywalker that the “Force” is the result of midichlorians, a cellular level intelligence found in all matter. Now I’m no Jedi knight but in my astral travels, I’m actually communicating with those entities and seeing my secret, elemental relationship brought out in public in the movie was like having my sense of reality assaulted by a light saber!

Ok, so I’m either way off the deep end or maybe I’m rediscovering something our ancestors took for granted and our Age of Science thrust aside for the realm of logic. Logic, as represented by the Air Elementals, is essential but only if balanced by the other elements of Earth, Water and Fire. White Elk tells me that too much emphasis on logic (air) and not enough intuition (water) is causing my overweight condition and that of many Americans. Our bodies compensate for the lack of intuition by storing water. Conversely, when there is too much emphasis on water, logic and action (fire) can suffer. It always comes down to balance which sounds like something Yoda told Luke Skywalker.

During one of my astral journeys, it really became clear to me that the elemental consciousness is in everything earthly. I saw myself taking in air elementals with every breath. I saw myself drinking and bathing in water elementals. I saw the fire elementals we use for light, power and heat and the earth elementals in every physical object. I realized that I am a conscious entity inhabiting a body comprised of elemental entities. I always joked about my body being a rental car but now I was feeling that my body was a gift, a sacred temple of life from Father/Mother/God and the Elementals.

See where my worldview becomes road kill at this point? I am not an isolated, self-contained biological unit that scratches out an existence, competing with other life forms on Earth. I am part of some grand partnership. I exist in consciousness by invitation. And these elementals are telling Inga and me that we’ve been ignoring them for 500 years doing this science/logic thing. They’d like to get back into partnership with humans and start co-creating again. I ask these elementals what we humans bring to the table and they say, “Creativity and imagination but most of all, your personal expression of Divine Love.” Oops! We’ve been ignoring our partners and forgetting our duties to such an extent that for the last 150 years, mankind has been unilaterally creating a world without Love as evidenced by world wide ecological damage, landfills and nuclear weapons testing. Now I do feel guilty as a human being!

But wait! Don’t despair! The Elementals are calling us to return to the partnership and the collaborative possibilities flood my mind. Their creativity and energy combined with our Love and imagination can begin the healing of our environment and bodies. We can bring joy and magic to our gardens and homes. With every breath we take, we mix our intent, creativity and Love with theirs and exhale it into the Ether. Our world truly does reflect our thoughts and each and every one of us can make a difference. Most of all, we are not alone. We exist in consciousness! I’ll never look at a glass of water or my body or the ground I walk on the same way ever again. Do you feel it? If so, please write and share your experience with us. If not, let us know and we’ll introduce you to the Force! */:-)

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