The Blueprint Of My Lifetime

The big advantage to living with a world class astrologer is that I can get readings as often as I need. Inga and I have worked with my natal chart many times over the years and of course, I study my solar return chart with her each year on my birthday so I know what growth issues I face in the year ahead. Even with as many readings as I have had, I’m still awed by how the natal chart truly is a blueprint for my lifetime. It precisely shows what resources I have to work with and what challenges I face in order to build my “house”.

I remember the conflict I felt when I first encountered my natal chart. My logical brain struggled mightily to reconcile it with my cultural and religious beliefs while my emotional mind resonated with recognition and the “ring of Truth”. When enough accurate, anecdotal evidence was presented to me about my life and personality, I had to concede that something profound was before me regardless of my inability to explain it. With as critical and analytical as I am, this was no small feat!

So I took ownership of my life’s blueprint. I realized that I had been unconsciously following it my whole life and that my house was partially built; the earthwork, foundation and the framing phases were already complete. I then shifted into a conscious construction mode and in perfect Virgo fashion, I crafted an elaborate project plan with detailed tasks and milestones. I followed this for about a year, or one solar return cycle, and I realized that all that extra energy and focus didn’t get the house built any faster or better. I also realized that I was trying to rapidly complete construction, move in and retire! Fortunately, it doesn’t work that way. I’ve come to learn that it’s more akin to growing a tree. It just so happens to take a lifetime, a lot of patience and Love!

After the “blueprint ownership” milestone, came the “volunteer vs. victim” milestone. It took a lot of introspection plus coaching from White Elk, my spiritual teacher, to believe and accept in my heart and mind that I indeed volunteered to build this lifetime vs. being a victim of circumstance, born into existence without prior planning on my part. With this acceptance, I was filled with resolution, dedication and responsibility. I will not quit or give up on personal and planetary transformation. I will never stop. Tough obstacles will be encountered along the way but I will simply back up, strategize and tackle it again until the blockage is healed and cleared. I will question and analyze everything and build enlightened, holistic systems for growth. I will be an anchor for those around me, a source of strength, commitment and courage. I have felt this calling in my heart since childhood but fear kept me from living it. As Nelson Mandela said in his speech, I was afraid to accept my power. I volunteered for this assignment and as I study my life’s blueprint, I see that I have been perfectly equipped with the resources I need to accomplish it.

Of course, I still reserve the right to question why I volunteered for such a challenging assignment! What was I thinking? “Send me in coach!?!?” I mean what was wrong with the wealthy scuba instructor in the Bahamas scenario? Though as I empathetically experience other people’s blueprints, I’ve come to believe that we all volunteer to “go for it” to full extent of our abilities for the benefit of mankind, Earth and Father-Mother-God. And in this lifetime, whenever I stop “playing it small” and start living as that child of God and Light, the “scenario” I volunteered for is filled with as much joy, wonder and adventure as I could possibly imagine! */:-)

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