That Aries Feeling!

Can you feel it? That Aries energy is in the air and my normal fire energy approach to life burns even hotter! I’m volunteering for monumental projects at work and I can barely maintain the day to day stuff. At home, I’m planning all kinds of activities like motorcycle rides and backpacking trips months in advance and working on projects to the detriment of my maintenance activities like yoga, sleep and having fun. Unfortunately, planning fun activities does not constitute actually doing something fun. Rats!

As Inga states in her Aries Celebration Calendar, we may find ourselves feeling impetuous as the Sun passes through Aries. Well, that’s putting it mildly for me! All that fire energy makes me crave action and behave like a stress junkie. Ultimately, I become very frustrated because I can’t act due to my fear that I’ll figuratively burn everyone and everything in my path. So my first instinct is to control that fire energy, to build an earth energy fire pit and stand by with a water energy fire hose.

I asked Inga about countering that fire energy with earth energy. She said while it sounded logical, it didn’t feel right to her because this is Aries’ time, the twelfth of the year that it owns. She suggested that I take advantage of this time and explore it. She handed me a red jasper stone wand that represents this Mars energy. I immediately felt its fire, its call to action. I held it in my hand while Inga guided me in an astral travel session. As she relaxed me, my consciousness expanded into the astral realm and she directed me to a meadow. It was high in the mountains with a stream running through it. Across the stream and to my left was the same red stone I held in my hand except that it was standing upright like a tower and was several stories tall. Inga directed me to it. A door at the base of the stone tower appeared. I entered and became one with the stone. Now I felt that same Mars energy throughout my body and consciousness. I acknowledged all the aspects of fire energy that I have explored in this lifetime and previous ones: impatience, impulsiveness, competitiveness, aggressiveness, passion, enthusiasm and violence. I then emerged into the consciousness of a powerful spiritual warrior, at peace and filled with responsibility and wisdom in service of mankind. I recognized the transformation as resulting from being grounded to Earth and the outcome of what White Elk, my spiritual guide, has been teaching me.

He’s been having me experience the grounding of my fire energy and he achieves this by immersing my astral body in water. As stubborn as I am, it’s taken a lot of dunkings in various astral lakes and rivers to get this stress junkie to sober up. I used to protest as he’d push me in time and time again but I’ve come to relish it. As I soak, all that nervous energy washes away and what emerges is a calm yet powerful strength, rooted in unconditional Love. I feel my consciousness expand until I become a living bridge between the physical, astral and etheric realms.

These astral exercises are transforming my physical existence. When grounded, my intent in any situation is both clarified and elevated. I am able to visualize the highest good for all involved and experience that future in the moment. I rise above dictating or forcing an outcome and instead allow it to harmoniously unfold. I detect the synchronistic opportunities for co-creating with others and I watch miracles, big and small, happen. I realize that I’m learning to crawl. I can’t help but imagine what wonders are ahead when I learn to walk and later, to run in Love. */:-)

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