Conveying Souls To The Light

Inga and I were recently asked to cleanse an apartment of any astral entities before the new renters moved in. This would be the first time Inga and I have collaborated on such a task so I asked what she’d like me to do. She suggested that I follow her from room to room as she checked for the presence of entities with her pendulum and “smudged” each room with cedar smoke while I “sealed” each room with white light. I learned this sealing technique from White Elk, my spiritual teacher, in response to my nightly sleep often being interrupted by uninvited astral “guests”. He instructed me to relax and ground myself, pull Earth energy from one or more energy portals that I’m connected to into my body and use it to activate a big hunk of mahogany obsidian that I have. The stone is then used as a wand to direct this energy into the room to be sealed while stating that nothing can enter the room unless it is for the highest good of the room’s occupant. The breathing during this exercise is very important as it creates an energy pump. With each inhale, the energy flows through me from the portals and into the wand and with each exhale, the energy flows out of the wand into whatever I’m directing it at. With my astral sight, I see a laser beam emanating from the wand and I use this energy to trace the outlines of all the walls plus any openings in the room like windows, doors, vents, mirrors, etc. When I do this exercise in my own bedroom before going to bed, Inga and I both sleep very soundly. When I don’t, it’s like sleeping on a bench in a train station!

So Inga and I went from room to room and upon completion, the apartment felt brighter but I voiced to her my suspicion that we did not clear out the astral entities that we sensed but only herded them from room to room. Inga agreed and said she could “see” one of the entities that we had rousted hanging out on the front porch waiting for us to leave so he could come back in! She asked if I would be willing to have her guide me in an astral travel session and have another go at it. I assented and flopped down on my back in the middle of the empty dining room.

She relaxed me and I altered my consciousness to bridge the astral and physical realms. Inga instructed me to travel astrally into the rear bedroom and tell her what I saw. I could not see anyone but I could feel a presence. Inga asked me to see the walls as transparent and sure enough, there was a young woman hiding in the outside wall. She looked like she was in her early 20s and she looked and felt very scared, timid and lost. I became filled with love and compassion for her and I extended my hand to her. She considered it, reached out to take it and as we touched, she rushed into my arms. As I held her, Inga instructed me to call for someone from the Light to come for her. I did and a tunnel of Light opened up in the room. A man came forth. I sensed that it was her father or uncle and she ran into his arms. As they hugged, he nodded and smiled at me. After a moment, they turned and entered the tunnel which closed behind them.

Inga then directed me to travel astrally into the remaining bedroom and as I approached its door, I could see a man standing in the room. He felt and looked both defiant yet curious as to what he had just witnessed in the other room. As I approached him, I felt compelled to offer my hand and he accepted it in a handshake. I felt the expectancy in him so I wasted no time in calling for a being of Light and his grandmother emerged from a tunnel of Light in this room. He immediately ran to her and they embraced. She gave me a wonderfully warm smile as they departed.

I floated astrally back into the dining room where my body was and Inga directed me to the front porch where an entity was still loitering. I passed through the front door like a ghost and encountered a teenage boy. I felt compelled to just sit down on the stoop and hang out and as I did, he looked me over and then sat down next to me. We didn’t speak. We just sat there together, comfortable in each other’s company and I could tell he was examining my pierced ear. I called for someone to get him and his brother came. My friend immediately tensed up and I knew that his death was somehow connected to this brother. I stayed detached from the emotions of the reunion and gave them space to work it out. It didn’t take long and when they hugged, I knew they were going to the Light.

Inga pointed out an astral opening at the front corner of the lot. It was different from a natural Earth energy portal or a tunnel to the Light so I closed it. She had me do the same to another opening on the back porch. I then ventured into the bathroom in which there were no entities present but had felt dirty. I saw a lot of dark stains with my astral vision so I opened a white light portal and used it to vacuum up the room. I did the same with the basement.

We took one last look around and confirmed that the apartment was finally cleansed. Inga brought me back to normal consciousness and I was so filled with joy and energy, I gleefully rolled around on the carpet. Inga and I physically reexamined each room with the new renters and we were amazed at the change. Rooms that had been physically cleaned and freshly painted but felt dingy before we started were now obviously sparkling and fresh! The best part was knowing that we had facilitated some long overdue, joyous reunions! */:-)

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