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“True reality is more complex than our eyes lead us to believe.” I recently ran across that line in a book I was reading and my astral adventures of the past couple of years have certainly proven this statement to me. Many of you have read of my work to guide lost souls, or ghosts, to the Light and I willingly share such healing events. What I am now about to share with you, I do so more reluctantly. These are accounts of my recent close encounters with the “Little People”, or Elementals.

Why am I reluctant? Because while we are encouraged to read about and believe in fairies and leprechauns as children, we are told to abandon them as adults. Elementals, we are told, are right up there with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. So I naturally fear putting my credibility at risk by telling you about my very real experiences with them. But as a very dear friend of mine once told me when I expressed my worries about being thought of as crazy when I told tales of Elementals, “Crazy, yes, but in such a delightful, zany way!” I guess I can live with that so here goes!

July 8, 2001 – I am out riding my motorcycle with friends in the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains. We stop in a tiny town for an espresso. (Benefits of touring near Seattle!) This town is notorious for not having a single public washroom despite the tourist trade that it does each year. During this particular coffee stop, another motorcyclist tells us that the steam engine train station next door does indeed have a washroom. I finish my coffee and decide to investigate.

The washroom is located inside the last of a set of stationary train cars. I climb the steep wooden staircase and enter. I finish inside and begin to descend the stairs. Half way down the dozen or so stairs, I am suddenly shaken from my idle musings as I begin to trip and fall. I catch myself and pausing on the stairs, I silently chide myself for not paying more attention. I resume my descent and immediately find myself tripping again and this time there is no stopping my fall. I crash head and shoulder first into the gravel parking lot below, partially landing in a shrub. I lie there for a moment, take a breath and then slowly roll over and begin to pick myself up. I hobble back over to the stairs and sit down to catch my breath. I am truly mystified. Although I am a big man, I’m rather light on my feet and quite nimble. I remember exactly the last time I fell down and that was during the winter of 1990, in the parking lot of our apartment building as I stumbled over a speed bump getting out of a car.

I pick the gravel out of my hair and the side of my face and check to see if I’m really injured. Feeling bruised and battered, I am otherwise okay. I get up and begin to walk back to the espresso stand. Halfway there, I suddenly become aware that the rings on my left hand pinkie finger are missing. There were two hematite rings surrounding a silver ring I had bought 18 years ago from a Native American in Arizona. I spin around and head back to the crash site. I look everywhere; in the gravel, in the shrub, to no avail. I start to get peeved and feel a growing sense of determination rising in me to find the silver ring but then I hear a gentle voice in my head saying to leave it be. I consent as I then feel that there is more going on than meets the eye. I resolve to get to the bottom of this when I got home.

Inga greets me upon returning home and at first, thinks that the scratches on my face mean I have crashed my motorcycle. I smirk and say that I have indeed crashed, albeit under some very suspicious circumstances! I ask her to guide me in an astral travel session and we head into her office. She relaxes me and I soon find myself mentally back at the foot of the stairs where I had fallen. She asks me to describe what I am seeing and while I see nothing out of the ordinary, I sense the presence of an unseen entity under the wooden staircase. I can tell the entity is working very hard to remain hidden so I conjure up a powerful astral flashlight and point its beam under the stairs, revealing a troll. He stops trying to hide and agrees to speak to Inga through me.

Inga asks if he had tripped me and he says, yes, he had. When asked why, he replies that he was attracted to my personal power. He tripped me so he could get my ring. Inga asks why he wants the ring and he explains how it makes him feel like an elfin warrior and not a troll. He slides my ring onto a finger and he transforms into a very noble looking elf! He goes on to say that as my higher self honors Elementals, I gave the ring to him to assist him with this transformation. It will enable him to find a new path and a sense of purpose. And once again, I feel like my lower self has been duped into a plan of action, as I probably would have resisted tossing my beloved ring into some shrub to aid an unseen troll!

Seeing that my ring has gone to good use, I say goodbye to the former troll and wish him well. My astral body returns to our backyard and I’m surprised to see that the elf has come with me. More surprising yet, is that our chief backyard elemental, Torun, is there to greet him. The two of them converse and Inga asks what is going on. Torun turns to me and explains that this elf is moving in, so to speak, and he is going to work with Torun and the others. Inga is alarmed at first, thinking this elf may revert back to his trollish habits and start tripping people around our house but we’re assured that those days are over. Inga asks the new elf to assist me in healing my growing aches and pains and I notice how uncertain he is of what to do. Obviously, he’s been playing the trickster for a long time!

July 26-27, 2001 – I check into a lodge in Keystone, Colorado. I am to speak at a construction managers’ conference the next morning. As is my normal practice, I psychically scan the room for entities and astral openings. I spot a big hole in one of the upper corners of the room but I’m too tired to close it so I simply set up a psychic security perimeter around the bed itself and go to sleep. Throughout the night, I am periodically awakened, feeling like I’m trying to sleep in the midst of a wild party going on in the room but feeling that I am safe within my defenses and that the activity is benign, I go right back to sleep each time.

I awake the next morning to the sound of my alarm clock. I sit upright on the edge of the bed and place my feet on the carpeted floor. Near my feet are my shoes and I immediately shed my sleepiness when I see what is in my right shoe. Perfectly centered within is a small container of dental floss. My logical mind kicks in and makes the following observations:

* Placing objects in my shoes is a common cat trick in my house.
* There are no cats in the room.
* It is neither a brand of dental floss that I buy nor the type of container that I prefer.
* There was no complimentary floss in the room last night.
* I have no recollection of sleepwalking last night. Even if I had, where would I have gotten the dental floss from and why would I have put it in my shoe?
* I don’t do that kind of goofy stuff when sleepwalking.

As I reach down and pick up the floss, I look over at the astral hole in the corner. I cannot see or sense any activity and yet, I am aware of gleeful and playful energy in the room. I am immediately suspicious of what higher mind plot I am stumbling into this time but as I have to get ready for the conference, I put the dental floss in my suitcase and resolve to investigate this further with Inga’s help upon returning home.

With the dental floss container in my left hand, Inga relaxes me and guides me mentally into the astral realm. She directs me to return to the hotel room and I am unable to see or detect anything special so I get into bed as I did that night and snuggle beneath the covers. As I close my eyes and settle down to sleep, I suddenly become aware of whispering coming from the corner of the room. I float up out of my sleeping body, as I had also done that night, to see what is happening. Leprechauns are coming through the hole I had sensed and they start dancing around the bed in an attempt to engage me. I now realize that while my lower, conscious self shrugged them off and kept sleeping, my higher spiritual self emerged and greeted them. I learn that they know I was coming physically to this place and of my deep affection for their kind. They also know that I have been trained to open earth energy portals. Knowing what room I would stay in, they had prepared the opening in the corner of the room and waited for my arrival. When they cannot entice my sleeping, conscious self to join us, my spiritual self assists them in devising a plan that will compel me, upon waking, to become bound to this place. Smiling, I clue them in on the cat trick and one of them zooms off to find something to put in my shoe. He steals the dental floss from the medicine cabinet of one of the hotel employees and upon returning, he places it in my shoe. We all giggle gleefully, sensing how this will really get the attention of my conscious mind in the morning! I can’t help but marvel at how I can walk through life so preoccupied at times with human affairs, totally out of alignment with my higher self and the entities that exist all around me.

Now that I have returned to the hotel room with my lower and higher selves aligned in body, mind and spirit, I ask how I might serve them. They take my hand and lead me, floating through the wall of the room, out onto the small lake next to the lodge and ask me to open the energy portal at the bottom of it. I sink down to the bottom of the lake and hover just above it. I open my root chakra and as I inhale, I draw earth energy up into my body. I instantly feel grounded, deeply connected to Earth. I then open my crown chakra and inhale spiritual energy into my body. With each breath, I mix the two energies in my belly and then exhale it to form a glowing sphere around my astral body. My stone wand appears in my right hand and I divert the mixed energy from one exhalation down my arm, into the stone until it glows. I then cause it to emanate a beam of golden light and trace a large clockwise circle, outlining the energy portal. Once the circle is completed, I feel the portal open up as a column of energy begins flowing through it.

The Elementals then ask me to connect their portal to the portal in our backyard. As I mentally make the link between the two, we all travel through their portal and emerge from the portal in our backyard. An Elemental party spontaneously erupts as the Keystone Elementals start dancing with our Seattle Elementals. It is quite a sight and all this because of a container of dental floss found in my shoe in a hotel room! */:-)

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