Personal and Planetary Transformation

If you have visited our website, you’ve seen the phase “personal and planetary transformation” on our home page. Do you wonder what we mean by that? I ponder it often as I look for ways to act upon it in my daily life. To shed some light on it, let’s start with the definition of transformation:

From, it is defined as: To change in nature, disposition, heart, character, or the like; to convert or metamorphose.

We’re implying that in order to transform the world in which we live, one must first undergo a personal transformation. Secondly, we are stating that we humans and Earth have the potential to be transformed into a more powerful and harmonious state. Assuming that you are as dissatisfied as I am with war, corruption, famine, poverty, disease, repression of personal freedoms, pollution, etc., we can build consensus around the absolute need for such transformation.

It is very easy to get sucked up into the many external issues that we see in our families, neighborhoods, workplaces and in the media and therefore, neglect our own personal transformation. I have to keep reminding myself that I’ll play a far more powerful and effective role in the healing and transformation of Earth as I heal and transform myself first. Inga takes it a step further as she firmly believes that as we heal and transform ourselves, our societies and the planet itself will automatically reflect that transformation.

Assuming that we can agree that we could all use some transformation, that raises the question of into what and how. At this point in time, I imagine or visualize myself as a human being that can bring the Earthly, Astral and Spirit realms into alignment within my body. That alignment creates a space that transcends human and physical laws and allows a much richer and more powerful expression of our creativity, firmly grounded in Divine Love, instead of human will alone.

As I practice that alignment of my body, mind and spirit and experience the resulting changes in myself, I witness subtle corresponding changes in those that I interact with on a daily basis: co-workers, friends, associates, strangers, animals, plants, unseen entities and Inga. When my state of alignment progresses to a point and levels out, I’ve learned to recognize that I’ve reached an internal block to greater alignment. And that’s where the hard work comes in. It means turning away from the external and looking within for the block. It means being so committed to the cause of personal and planetary transformation, that I’ll quiet myself and journey within in order to locate and face the fear causing the blockage, no matter how painful, and then heal it with love. As you’ve read in this newsletter, I’ve found blockages buried in my childhood and I’ve found them in past lives.

I had Inga guide me in hypnotherapy last night to find such a blockage and I found myself being led back to when I was 14 years old. Before me stood a very troubled young man, completely lost as to what his purpose in life was and on the edge of despair. I could also see all that I had done over the years to clear away that confusion and darkness to find the Light that I live in now. Inga suggested that I think of some way to show this troubled teenager that everything would be okay so I simply reached out and gave him a big hug! As I did, it felt like this part of my identity, as represented by this young man, was left stranded so many years ago when my not knowing how to effectively deal with such uncertainty caused intense fear that splintered my personality. In other words, I experienced de-alignment. By revisiting the past and using love to heal this rift, I reintegrated this teenage boy back into my identity and together, we resolved the issues that caused him to become separated and stranded. The most amazing part was to watch my history, as a result of this healing, become altered, or rewritten, all the way up to the present. So somewhere, in some other reality, life has turned out very different for me. In this reality, the blockage that is preventing further progress in my personal transformation is removed. So the healing has taken place on many levels and affected many others.

As I said, these blockages can be found in this lifetime and prior ones. Here’s an entry from my journal, dated February 17, 2001, that describes such a past lifetime healing:

Inga guides me in achieving a non-ordinary state of consciousness. She then directs me to a meadow. I find myself transported to a place called Windy Gap in Mt. Rainier National Park. I can feel the grass beneath my bare feet and above me is a blue sky with puffy white clouds. I see a mountain goat on the cliff before me. White Elk, my spiritual advisor and old friend from a past lifetime, is standing next to me.

I turn to my left and I see a 30 foot high Malachite obelisk protruding from the Earth energy portal of this place. We move toward it and when we reach it, I place my hands upon the obelisk’s surface. My arms sink into it past my elbows. I move completely within the stone and for a moment, I just float in the stone’s energy field. I feel relaxed and grounded. Inga instructs me to see the chamber within and I find myself in it. I see arched doorways and two flat sections of walls containing live images, like television. Inga asks what I see but the images are blurred. I reach out and as I touch one of them, I’m pulled into it.

I’m standing on a vast prairie with gently rolling hills. A few buffaloes are grazing nearby. I ask where I am and then I instantly know that it is Nebraska in the 1800s. I see an abandoned sod house before me. I know this place. It is where Native Americans ambushed a party that I was leading in a past life in 1872. I enter the sod house and find it dark and dusty. I see a cot against the south wall and I know I’ve slept there. I see a simple table with chairs and there is a lantern on it. I ask why I’ve come back here and then I see the ghosts of four white men outside who where killed in that ambush and have been stuck here since then. I walk outside to greet them and hug them like old friends. As we do so, a tunnel of white light appears to my right and I can feel friends and family of these men coming to take them home.

I then become aware of the ghost of a Native American man approaching me. I’m surprised at first sto see him because it has been my experience that Native American death rituals are very effective in conveying souls to the Light. But then I sense that his anger kept him trapped here after his death during the ambush. We stand face to face and I realize that I know him. He cursed me as he died and as a result, he has haunted me constantly across several lifetimes until I broke his curse in this lifetime. To make a long story short, it was my unconditional love for animals that broke it and showed him that I was not to blame for the situation. We were all angry and scared at the time.

We embrace each other and I see his people coming for him from the Light. As the last party enters the Light, the tunnel closes, leaving just White Elk, the buffaloes and me. He says it is time to let this place and incident go as we all have closure now. I agree and we are transported back to the malachite chamber.

I turn to the other wall image and I touch it. I find myself sitting around a campfire with White Elk and two other Native Americans, a man and a woman. I recognize myself as an officer of the US Army and I’m in the West working on establishing forts along the Oregon Trail. I have come to know these people through my efforts to better understand the Native Americans and to search for ways for our vastly different cultures to build alignment that will lead to harmonious coexistence. I have returned to re-experience the finale of that effort. All four of us are filled with despair. I am leaving soon to go back east to take part in the Civil War. I do not want to go as I feel it is senseless but the Army is my life and my identity so I will obey my orders. The four of us know that this is the end of the opportunity we had to explore a merging of the European and Native American cultures. We also know that things will never be the same after the war as the frequency of fear and anger will be too great to overcome. I somehow realize that I will never see these three people again after the war and it greatly saddens me.

The fog of that sadness is lifted as I find myself with White Elk back in the malachite chamber. He tells me that the time has come again to attempt the merger of the Cross and the Spiral. He shows me the energies of these symbols and how they represent the European culture of science and logic and the Native American culture of Shamanism. I see how this is a representation of the cultural transformation that will come from those that have embarked on their own personal transformations and have joined with others to co-create within that sacred space of aligned body, mind and spirit. White Elk smiles and says to watch for the team to reassemble. Inga instructs me to absorb that Malachite energy to assist me in my transformation and then brings me back to normal consciousness. */:-)

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