The Forest Dingo

Freya on Moc s lawn

Freya, our German Shepherd, is currently away at summer camp for two weeks. It’s actually intensive, one-on-one training and I was referring to it as doggie boot camp, thinking it was going to be hard on her due to the separation anxiety Freya was experiencing along with her general lack of confidence around strangers. But Inga knew better and was telling Freya prior to going that it was like Hogwarts for dogs. Sure enough, as we read the first daily reports coming in from camp via e-mail, we could feel her happiness and sense of adventure. Clearly Freya knows in her heart she’s a beloved member of our family and we’ve chosen her trainer well.

Freya loves water!

Here’s the first report we received from Moc Klinkham, Freya’s trainer, and it did a lot to relieve our parental anxiety as to how Freya would take being shipped off with a stranger:

“Hi – Just wanted to drop a quick line and let you know that Freya is settled down for the night. We had a nice long evening walkabout in the woods and pastures and then a good long session of hugga-mugga and kissy face with lots of tummy rubs and some relaxing head-to-toe massage, nothing but sighs and slurps from Freya. I’d say she’s adjusting quite well. 🙂 Take care, Moc”

Then a day or so later, we received this report:

Freya the Wood Nymph

“Hi Inga – ….I believe Freya was born to the country. Here are some pix of Girl Scout trying to drop hints that it’s time I took her to the lake. 🙂 Take care, Moc”

Hmmm….looks like we may need to get a kiddie pool for the backyard. The next message arrives:

“—–Original Message—–
From: Moc at NorthWest K9
Sent: 4/28/2003 5:51 PM
To: Inga Duncan Thornell
Subject: The Forest Dingo

At 08:04 PM 04/28/2003 +0000, you wrote: >Hope you two are having fun.

Nahhhhhh, she ain’t having no fun at all, no sirree. Regular wood nymph, this one.

Take care, Moc”

Inga and I take our first two classes with Freya and Moc this coming Saturday and we have two more classes after that to take. Hopefully, the humans will have as much fun as “the little princess”, as Moc calls her, and that we’ll do as well. (I think we’re still somewhat trainable.)

Here’s a link to Moc’s website below. It contains wonderful photos and stories: NorthWest K9 “Excellence in Working Dogs”.

And a link to the rescue group she works with: German Shepherd Rescue Network

If you missed the story about how we came to adopt Freya, click here.

Coming up: I’m riding my motorcycle from Seattle, Washington to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona later in May with friends. My brother, Paul, and more friends, are riding up from Tucson to meet us. We’ll also be checking out Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park in southern Utah. Unlike my 2002 ride, I’ll post pictures and stories ASAP.  */:-)

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