Building Sand Castles On The Beach

I’ve been recently discussing transits with a close friend as she’s been enduring some trying times. She is a very optimistic person and I watch her enthusiastically scanning the transit report for any signs of support for what she wants to have happen in her life at this time. When she finds validation, and she does as synchronicity is at work here, she then proceeds to make plans and set a deadline. Invariably, she comes to see me to report her frustration that the plans did not come to fruition once again. I empathize with her. She wants good things to happen and bad things to stop. (Who doesn’t?) She using a blend of her will, positive thinking, a sense of urgency, and a belief in luck or good karma and yet it isn’t working they way she wants it to. I’ve struggled with how to counsel her but I finally said something that seemed to click for her. It occurred to me that scanning the transit report selectively for what we want to hear and disregarding anything else that doesn’t fit our plans is like pouncing on a section that talks about how it’s a good time to express your creativity by building sand castles on the beach while ignoring the next section that talks about the impending storm that going to whip up huge waves that will wipe out what we just built. It all needs to be considered and taken into account. Analogies are always tricky as they are often limiting but this one seems to have worked for my friend for now.

Isn’t life all about what we do with the choices we are presented with? Can we joyfully create a magnificent sand castle knowing full well that the waves will soon claim it? Will knowing the waves are coming keep us from even trying and instead wait for better weather? I don’t agree with the school of thought that seeks ignorance of the waves and then is victimized when the waves come. I value having the knowledge and the choice. I know that when I get a transit report from Inga, it rarely gets me enthused and usually is quite daunting. I work on grasping the nature of the complex energies swirling around me and start figuring out what my choices are.

Yes, life is complex. The transit report certainly reflects that. And isn’t our natural response to that to crave simplicity or a time when life seemed simpler? But I’m sure the transit reports back in the Seventies of my seemingly simpler childhood were just as complex. I was just ignorant of it although I certainly felt a lot going on around me. I didn’t have the worldview to grasp it yet. As my worldview expands, the Universe around becomes increasingly complex and wondrous. At times like these, I remind myself of what I learned during my near death experience as a teen. When I left my body and I was held accountable for my actions of this lifetime up to that point by Father/Mother/God, the only ruler I was gauged by is whether I expressed Love or fear. That’s it. No points for my accomplishments or credits for being victimized. Were my actions loving or demeaning? It was that simple. In this culture, we are often rewarded for what we successfully achieved even if it meant cheating, lying, pushing, shoving, scheming, deceiving, stealing, etc. None of that behavior sounds loving to me. Oops! And seeing how I’ve had a trial run, I’ll certainly have no excuse next time around.

I’m going to get a fresh transit report from Inga as I head out the door for my annual motorcycle ride and I’ll be thinking about building sand castles and weathering storms. */:-)

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