Canyons Ride 2003 – Day 4: The North Rim

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Monday, May 26

  • Day ride to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon
  • 162 miles

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is 1,000 higher than the South Rim and much less visited; none of the South Rim circus here. After a wonderful ride south through the forest from Jacob Lake, we cross through the entrance gate and head for the lodge on the edge of the North Rim. Typically, this CCC-style lodge is superbly constructed and features spectacular views of the Canyon. We’ve heard it said that looking into the Grand Canyon has a profound effect on one’s perspective on life. It’s true.

It’s quite hot this day and the sun is blazing. Missing his hat, Scott tries on every hat in the gift shop, to no avail, due to the size of his enormous melon. We then head out to find a quieter spot with some shade to further contemplate the Canyon. 

The ride out to the end of the Cape Royal Point road is definitely worth it. We hike out on to Angels Window and the scenery is world class. We spend a lot of time just staring at view after view trying to soak it all in. 

On the way back, we cross a huge meadow with great visibility ahead and to the sides and no cars or animals. So Trev and Pork Chop take advantage by engaging in a handlebar to handlebar, throttles wide open race. We’re around 9,000 feet and their carburetors are struggling mightily and neither can gain the lead. As I come up behind them on my fuel injected Gold Wing, I pause momentarily to watch them hunched over their handlebars with their teeth most likely gritted at 100mph before I turn on my left turn signal, pull out into the opposing lane of this two lane road in the middle of nowhere and crank on the gas. The Couch Rocket enters hyperspace and we hurtle forward in a blur. At 120mph I finally roll off thinking I’ve made my point. Fuel injection rocks!!

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