Canyons Ride 2003 – Day 3: Utaaah!

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Sunday, May 25

  • Spanish Fork, UT to Jacob Lake, AZ
  • Scott, Trev, Vince & Joe
  • 305 miles

Hallelujah! We’re off the slab. Nothin’ but two lane roads all the way to Arizona. First order of the day is to rustle up some real home cookin’. A bit down the road, we find it in Birdseye, UT at the Home Plate Cafe. A couple of pretty sisters make us feel right at home. 

With full bellies, we continue south on Hwy 89 through some beautiful countryside filled with ranches, the occasional small town, streams, mountains and not much else.

Two days of serious slab riding has paid off. We have miles of smooth cruising until Joe has a nasty head shake on his Bandit in the town of Richfield, UT. We pull over and examine his front tire. It’s got a nail in it. We whip out the tire patch kits and go to work.

Along the way, throughout the day, Scott looks for a new hat with Joe’s help, to no avail. Nothing fits! Either people in Utah have little heads or Scott’s head is way too big. Begrudgingly, Scott resorts to using sunscreen.

Upon arrival in Jacob Lake, we meet up with the Tucson Chapter of the ODMC. Pablo and Pork Chop have secured a most excellent campsite and proceed to host the evening’s festivities.

While we Washingtonians have supper, the Arizonans procure liquid refreshment and construct a beer pit.

By the time it gets dark, the reunion party is well under way. Some of us go to bed at a half way decent hour and some of us don’t. You’ll have to excuse the quality of the last photo. The photographer may have been somewhat impaired. 

Beans hit Cornbread on the head,
Cornbread said “I’m almost dead.”
Beans told Cornbread “Get up man!
You know that we go hand in hand.”

— Louis Jordan, “Beans and Cornbread”, 1949

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