Canyons Ride 2003 – Day 2: The Hat

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Saturday, May 24

  • Boise, OR to Spanish Fork, UT
  • Scott, Joe, Vince & Trev

At breakfast, we talk about stopping at Malad Gorge, a tiny state park along I-84 that most people blast by without stopping. The interstate runs right over the top of a neat hole in the ground called the Devil’s Washbowl. We figure it would break up the monotony of the Slab and it does just that but not as we expect. (Click on the photo to get a better look at the Washbowl)

A footbridge runs out over the Washbowl which is 250 feet below. The Washbowl runs into Malad Canyon. It’s very scenic stuff and we are all busy out on the footbridge shooting photos. (Click on the photo to see Malad Canyon)

Meet the Hat. Not just any hat but a $45 Solumbra Sun Hat that blocks UV rays just like 30 SPF sunblock. Despite the comments, Scott dons it religiously at every stop during the trip instead of using sunblock. (Click on the photo to check out the Hat)

A gust of wind comes along and makes a clumsy grab at the hat. Scott quickly clamps his hand down on top of the hat and cinches up the chin strap. He returns to shooting photos but the wind comes back around again and this time applies sufficient force to rip the hat from his head.

The hat sails 15 feet straight out from the footbridge and hovers like a UFO before lazily floating down to the water’s surface, 250 feet below us. It takes forever to land in the Washbowl and we watch with amazement or horror, depending on your point of view at the time. As there are no trails into the gorge whatsoever, the hat is now a permanent resident of Malad Gorge. (Click on the photo to see Scott’s hat in the Washbowl)

We continue east on I-84 and somehow, we successfully skirt several rain storms. The rest of the day is uneventful, at least until I-84 turns south and heads into Utah where there is a gap in the mountains. Signs along the Interstate indicate the possibility of strong winds and dust storms and there are even gates to close the Interstate if need be. If the huge dust devils we have to dodge while dealing with extremely intense cross winds are not enough to close the road, we’d hate to have to ride through what would warrant it. (Click on the photo to check out the weather in Idaho)

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