Canyons Ride 2003 – Day 1: We’re On Holiday!

(click on map to enlarge)

Friday, May 23

  • Seattle to Boise
  • Scott, Trev, Joe & Vince
  • 547 miles

What a superb way to start the day and the trip – breakfast at a real diner out in the countryside. Twede’s is located in North Bend, WA, a town at the edge of the western foothills of the Cascade Mountains. (Click on photo to see the diner and the foothills)

Twede’s Cafe in North Bend, WA & the Cascade Mountains
(click photo to enlarge)

Having breakfast here on a Friday morning with the mountains looming just outside of town really helps to jumpstart the “We’re on holiday!” feeling.

With this much superslab to cover, boredom is a real problem. One of us combats it by taking pictures of his mates in the mirror of his Gold Wing while listening to Steely Dan on the stereo. (Click on photo to view the entire photo)

Traveling Interstate 84 through Oregon is about as good as it gets for superslab travel as it crosses the Blue Mountains along the Oregon Trail route. The State of Oregon calls it the Blue Mountain Forest State Scenic Corridor and along with being scenic, it has some excellent high speed sweepers.

(click photo to enlarge)

Due to a baseball tournament in Ontario, OR, our intended stop, taking up every motel room in town, we call ahead for reservations in Boise, ID and push on. We end up at a motor lodge downtown and we are unprepared for the party scene that erupts all around us. The locals like to cruise the main drag downtown, bumper to bumper, until all hours of the night. I wake up at 2am and they are still at it. Mobs of Harley riders are making the scene for a Memorial Day rally and helmetless squids on hot sport bikes are out in force.


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