Colorado Cruise 2003 – Day 3: Exploring Colorado

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  • Scott, Joe, Paul, Jeff & Uncle John
  • Telluride, CO to Breckenridge, CO
  • 351 miles

The third day of a trip is always special. It takes two days to unwind enough and shed the tensions of work. One awakes on the third day to find a certain peace of mind forming. All you are thinking of now is the superb riding ahead and how great it is to be alive. You make eye contact with your riding buddies and you see they, too, are feeling the change. We discuss the day’s ride at breakfast and no one is too concerned about what or where we are going. Let’s just ride.

Every time we stop to enjoy a vista, little is said. We just stand there, soak it all in and then grin at each other. The mountain roads are perfect; twists and turns, little or no traffic, uphill and downhill. This is why we came.

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