Colorado Cruise 2003 – Day 2: Arches National Park

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  • Scott & Joe
  • Burley, ID to Telluride, CO
  • 549 miles

As the Southwest ODMC Chapter is heading northeast from Arizona to Telluride, we Northwest riders are heading southeast through Utah. While they are getting pounded by three separate thunderstorms, Joe and I learn that one should not assume that towns shown on the map in the middle of nowhere have gas. Between Moab and Telluride, a three hour ride on twisty, two lane roads, towns on the map are nothing more than a cluster of homes. If there ever was a store, it was closed down years ago. Joe ends up literally coasting downhill as much as possible and we finally find some very expensive, but welcome, gas in Bedrock, Colorado.

While not planned, Joe and I explore Arches National Park and we find its beauty to be utterly mind blowing. It becomes very obvious that a proper trip will need to be planned to fully explore and enjoy its wonders. While standing under clear, blue skies in 80 degree weather, we look to the East to see a huge, black thunderstorm over our destination. It’s hard to leave Arches and ride into that but friends and family await us and so off we go.

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