Colorado Cruise 2003 – Day 1: Touring The Gas Stations Of The Northwest

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  • Scott & Joe
  • Seattle, WA to Burley, ID
  • 655 miles

How A Ride Gets Off The Ground

My brother, Paul, calls out of the blue and said hey, let’s go for another week long ride before the year is out. How ’bout we meet in Colorado? I groan and say that work is way too hectic. I’d love to but no can do. Dejected, I hang up. A couple of days later, I go to my doctor for my annual checkup and she has a cow when she sees me. She says I’m a wreck and that I need to go on vacation immediately. If that doesn’t lower my stress levels, I’ll need to find a new job. Ok, so working at a company spun off of bankrupt Enron is no picnic. I knew I was bit frazzled but I didn’t think I was that bad.

Nevertheless, as this particular doctor got me through a very nasty problem with my heart years ago with flying colors, I obey her orders implicitly. She asks what I plan to do and I tell her of my recent phone call. So I call Paul back and make plans. Riding buddy, Joe, decides to accompany me out to Colorado before he splits off to go visit his sister. We agree to meet at a great breakfast place in North Bend before crossing the Cascades.

In the morning, I head out on the same highway in Seattle that I take to work each day and so while my mind knows I’m on vacation, my body sure doesn’t. I still feel the same tension and anxiety but as I take the off ramp on to I-90 heading East for the mountains with the B-52s playing in my helmet, the vacation concept slowly begins to sink in and that tension starts easing up. I begin anticipating yet another great adventure in the making. I feel a smile coming on.


Driving this many miles on the Interstate can be rather tiresome but with the goal of getting to the real riding destination, Joe and I can really hunker down and burn up the miles. We slip into a sort of rhythm and get it done while actually having an enjoyable ride. We ride for an hour and then take a 15 or 20 minute pit stop for gas, bathroom, snacks and water. On this ride, I’m on my Gold Wing 1800 with the 6 CD changer in the trunk so I have tunes the whole way which also helps pass the time. Joe, on the other hand, takes a simpler, low tech approach and just whistles to himself in his helmet.

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