Honda RC-51 Or Remodel The Bathroom?

I received this email from Tom, my Honda dealer:

Hi Scott,

I got news last week that Honda has reduced the cost of 2003 RC51s by $999. If you are still interested in owning one, I can see if any are still available. Let me know.


My response:


Thanks for checking but Inga has commandeered my annual bonus for remodeling our bathroom. So no RC51 for me in the near future!

sbd */:-)

Tom’s response:

Tip #1: If you buy your building supplies from Big Tony behind the Home Depot and not actually from the Depot itself, you may have enough left over to buy the 51.

Tip # 2: You don’t need a fuzzy toilet seat cover… just don’t clean the existing one for a couple of months and it will have its own natural green fuzzy cover.

Tip #3 : Vinyl flooring is cheaper than tile. If you hang around the city dump long enough, someone (who does not know how to stretch a dollar) is bound to show up with a roll or two.

Tip #4 : You meet the nicest people in public rest rooms. I’ve found Texacos to be quite clean.

Tip #5 : I don’t know of a toilet that can do a buck eighty.


My response:

You’re right. The toilet was installed yesterday and while it looks sharp, it’s a dog, performance-wise. Reminds me of that Shadow 750 I used to have back in the late Nineties. Maybe I should put some RC51 decals on it??

sbd */:-)



The new bathroom turned out great but Inga refuses to let me put a big red Honda wing on the toilet tank. I can’t imagine why.

sbd */:-)

The 2004 Honda RC51

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