The greatest cigar experience of my life (so far)

The following guest post is from musician, business continuity consultant, father and cigar lover, Doug Cassell:

Brothers of the Leaf,

What follows is the story of the greatest cigar experience of my life (so far). I have waited to writeMaui this up, partially so I could attempt to come up with words that can describe the experience, and partly because I wanted to type it with a real keyboard vs. my iPad, knowing it would not be a short review. First, I must set the scene:

Location: Ka’anapali beach, Maui, Hawaii – on a reclining beach chair facing West.
Time of day: roughly 8:30 Lahaina Time, Monday, March 7, 2011

The day started partly cloudy, warm with the occasional mist-like rain. Nancy and I walked up the beach walk, North to the Sheraton to purchase tickets to the Luau to take place that evening. We hoped for clear skies, but with the mist and clouds moving through, there was no guarantee. The Luau turned out beautiful, including the weather, and I was quite well lubricated by the unlimited Mai Tais and Rum and Cokes :-). Why not, I ain’t driving!

Maui beach

After the Luau we walked back down the beach to the Westin, enjoying the sound of the beach and the birds, the flickering lights from the resorts and restaurants we passed, and the perfect weather. I chose a cabana chair on the beach, and selected the San Cristobal De La Habana cigar that had been generously donated by Leafmeister Scott. My lovely and talented bride of 30 years went to the room to change clothes and get her EBook, and joined me shortly on the beach with a delicious Crown Royal in a Pepsi can for my enjoyment. I wasn’t drunk, but just perfectly mellowed out.

The cigar felt perfect in my hand — just enough give to be properly humidified, no crunch or hardness. I carefully cut the end of the cigar with the cheapo cutter I bought that day at the ABC Store, and flicked open the top of the “special” torch lighter I had also picked up that day. Scott will see what I meant by special next time I see him. 🙂

The cigar lit easily and burned perfect, evenly and thankfully slowly.

There was a tiny crescent moon in the sky, probably the smallest sliver of moon I have ever seen. The back of the curve was down, like a cross section of a cup, with both ends even in balance. There were so many stars I could barely make out Orion’s belt, and the constellation was too dotted with stars to recognize. There were a half dozen sailboats moored offshore, white and visible in the dark, with beacons at the top of their masts. The waves gently crashed on the shore, and there was no one around. The temperature was just perfect — not cold, but not hot or muggy either. A slight breeze was blowing to disburse my clouds of joy.

San Cristobal De La Habana labelI hope this cigar lasts forever because I think that I may never be able to pick up another smoke without comparing it to this one, and all others will fall short. There are no words to describe the wonderfulness of this cigar. It is smooth and delicious, the draw perfect – not tight but not like sucking air through a straw either, just the right amount of resistance. Plenty of smoke, and smoooooooth. Full, rich flavor, and the perfect amount of buzzzz. No harshness, just amazing. Again, no words.

Thanks to Scott Duncan for his donation of an amazing cigar, and thanks to myself for picking the perfect time and place to smoke it :-). I owe you big, Scott!

– Doug

Editor’s note: I purchased the above mentioned cigar at the City Cigar Company in Vancouver, BC and it was recommended after I described what I was looking for – a Cuban cigar for someone who loves toasty, creamy & smooth Dominican Republic sticks. Sounds like they nailed it! — Scott */:-)

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